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Lane is a successful serial entrepreneur. First, she founded Discovery Toys (an educational toy company that she started because of her daughter) then Petlane (an educational pet product company that she started because of her grand-dog).  Based on her history, it only made sense for her to start another company after her granddaughter was born! 

Lane grew up a lover of dolls and dollhouses. When she got too old to “play” with them, she started collecting them instead! Lane was always enchanted by miniature homes and shops available on the market, but she  really wanted to see what was going on inside these buildings!  

Lane therefore set to work creating three miniature room boxes. Each room box is done in a Victorian style and showcases different, stunning interiors! Nor did she neglect the outside of each gorgeous box! 


It was a natural next step to want to share her idea and passion with others, and to introduce them to the magic (some say “obsession”) of the miniature collecting world she so cherishes. Thus Discovery Lane was born. 


Tara and Lane have been close since the day Tara was born.  Lane has always said that being a Mother was what she has done best, and enjoyed the most, closely followed by her three businesses.  And the apple doesn’t fall far from this tree.  

Tara is also a wonderful, happy mother who adores her daughter.  She  is also pleased, proud and excited to be joining her Mom in a new business venture.  Tara worked closely with Lane in their Petlane business so she knows the joy involved in building a business with her Mom.  The two have very different skill sets, which enables them to be a perfect team. 

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