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Easy Christmas Napkin Rings

This craft is inspired by our miniature, decorative, Victorian Christmas village. These napkin rings offer a creative way to use the hats on offer in Beth's Fine Millinery.

Victorians loved napkin rings - they were the Victorians’ version of wine charms (except used for napkins instead of wine glasses). The vast majority of Victorians did not wash their napkins after every use, so the same napkin would be used for multiple meals. Each family member had his or  her own special napkin ring. After each meal, the family member (or a servant) would roll up and ring each napkin, making it ready for the next meal. 

Napkin rings offer a great way to quickly and easily dress up a table. Here are simple instructions for making a set of 4 napkin rings! Recommended for ages 5 and up.


  • 2 empty cardboard toilet paper tubes (or 1 empty cardboard paper towel tube)

  • 2.5” wide, wired, decorative ribbon. You need at least 25” of ribbon to make all 4 rings.

  • Glue gun

  • Miniature Hats from Beth’s Fine Millinery - available from Discovery Lane's Miniature Hat Shop

  • Scissors


1. Take 1 toilet paper tube, lay it down horizontally, and cut it in half. Repeat with toilet paper tube number 2. The 4 toilet paper tube halves will act as your “rings.”

2. Cut your ribbon into 4, 6” long pieces.

3. Start with one piece of ribbon. Create a finished seam by folding over each of the edges and gluing them down.

4. Lay one piece of ribbon flat with the inside of the ribbon facing up.  Use your glue gun to put a line of glue along one of your finished seams.

5. Press the toilet roll into the glue. Be sure your tube ends are facing the wire sides of the ribbon. (Once the ribbon is rolled entirely over the tube, the sides will be where the napkin is pulled through).

6. Put a line of glue in the middle of the ribbon. Starting with the part of the roll that already has fabric glued one, roll the toilet roll toward the glue. Keep the ribbon taut as you roll. Press the glued ribbon onto the roll to help it stick.  

7. Put a line of glue on the final seam. Finish rolling your toilet paper roll. It’s okay if your ribbon overlaps a bit - it helps create a more finished look. Press along the glued edge to help secure it. Your “ring” is now covered!

8. Glue your hat to the middle of the roll.

9. Let dry for about an hour and you have a completed napkin ring!

10. Repeat steps 3-9 with your remaining three rolls.

11. Use at your next dinner party!

Here are 2 sets of napkin rings we made using different hats and ribbons!

Both sets of hats are available for sale at Discovery Lane's Miniature Hat Shop

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