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Simple Silver Holiday Wreath

This craft is inspired by our miniature, decorative, Victorian Christmas village. This wreath is a version of the one found hanging on the wall in Kaylah's Tea Room.

Victorians loved to decorate for the Christmas holidays. In true, over-the-top Victorian style, they draped wreaths and garlands over anything that would stand still. Here are simple instructions for making a holiday wreath of your own! Recommended for ages 5 and up.


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  • 12” Extruded foam wreath (I used the green one made by FloraCraft, but you can choose a size and brand that works for you!)

  • 2.5” wide green velvet ribbon

  • 6-7 silver glitter leaves (I found these on sale at my local craft store)

  • 6-7 red glitter berry bunches

  • Curly silver ribbon

  • Scissors

  • Glue gun


1. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to wrap the entire wreath (I cannot tell you exactly how much ribbon you will need – it depends both on how tightly you wrap the wreath and how much overlap you have).

2. Glue one end of the ribbon to the back of your wreath.

3. Begin wrapping the foam wreath with the ribbon until it is completely covered.

4. Glue down the other end of the ribbon to the back of your wreath.

5. Glue the silver leaves at evenly spaced locations around your wreath (see finished craft photo below for placement suggestions)

6. Glue the red glitter bunches in between the silver leaves (see finished craft photo below for placement suggestions)

7. Glue on silver curly ribbon at the bottom (or top) of the wreath

8. Hang on a wall or fireplace mantel to help evoke the holiday spirit!

Here is a photo of our finished wreath:

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