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Kaylah's Tea Room

Unleash your inner decorator and indulge your holiday sweet tooth with Kaylah’s Tea Room. This tea room comes complete with cakes you don’t have to bake, a silver tea set you don’t have to polish, and completely undemanding customers. So deck the Victorian tea room halls with red and green garlands, layout the Christmas cakes, set the table for tea and enjoy Christmas in July!


Kaylah’s Tea Room opens instantly and can be folded up for easy storage, or left out for year-round decoration. When stored, furniture and dolls fit inside the folded room. 


Perfect for collectors, holiday home decorators, families, and those looking to start fun and lasting traditions and memories.

  • Opens instantly - no tools required!
  • Folds up easily for storage
  • Furnishings fit inside folded room
  • Room measures 13" x 14"
  • Interior walls and ceiling covered with fabric
  • 55 pieces of year-round Victorian furniture and accessories
  • 6 Christmas accessories
  • 2 LED battery operated lights. Easily attach to walls with pre-placed magnets
  • 3 Victorian dolls
  • Acrylic Museum Display Case sold separately
  • Not intended for use by children
$316.00 Regular Price
$252.80Sale Price